The new dehumidifier for your shower.

Fewer foggy mirrors and lasting protection against mould. This is possible with the innovative DUSCHKRAFT Home in your bathroom.

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Who needs the DUSCHKRAFT Home?

Suitable for any conventional shower with a surface-mounted fitting, DUSCHKRAFT Home can be retrofitted in almost any existing bathroom. This effectively protects your bathroom against mould and you can save money on the utilities.

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How does the DUSCHKRAFT Home work?

What our customers say:

''We always had problems with mould in the shower in our flat. Since we installed the DUSCHKRAFT Home, these problems are a thing of the past. I am totally satisfied.''

Mr. S., Feldkirchen

"With the DUSCHKRAFT Home we no longer have problems with humidity in the bathroom.
We are very satisfied.
And the dehumidifier looks great too."

Mr. and Mrs. G., Neuendorf

"We are very satisfied with the DUSCHKRAFT Home. The humidity in the bathroom has reduced significantly and the mirror no longer fogs up when we shower."

Mrs. A., Neubukow

"The DUSCHKRAFT Home is an ingenious invention, I am completely thrilled.

We have a bathroom without windows and, thanks to the DUSCHKRAFT Home, no more fogged-up mirrors after showering."

Mr. S., Jübar

"The DUSCHKRAFT Home is installed in the bathroom of my holiday flat, so mould is not a problem there. I am very satisfied with the device."

Kay-Uwe W., Waren

"The DUSCHKRAFT Home dehumidifies the air in the bathroom really well, so we don't have any problems with mould there."

Mr. K., Gründau

"The DUSCHKRAFT Home dries the air in our small bathroom very well, so we have no problems with mould."

Mrs. E.-W., Ruhla

"We have installed the DUSCHKRAFT Home in the bathroom of our granny flat. We are very satisfied and our visitors there think it's great."

Mrs. E., Brodersby

''We are very satisfied. The DUSCHKRAFT Home works perfectly.''

Mr. G., Dresden

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No more mould in the bathroom

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