Design ideas for a bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation: 6 options for a new look in the bathroom

Are you looking for ideas for designing your bathroom? Whether you're making small improvements, planning a complete renovation or simply dreaming of getting off the sofa, a bathroom renovation or even just new bathroom furniture can greatly enhance the atmosphere of your home. It's no wonder, then, that this practical space is often at the top of the list when it comes to a renovation. But deciding on a new look isn't always easy. That's why we've compiled a range of bathroom design ideas and the most important tips on bathroom renovations in our guide - with great inspiration for your own bathroom renovation.

Idee für die Badsanierung: moderne Badezimmer

What you should consider when renovating a bathroom - 10 thoughts

When planning a bathroom renovation, various factors and of course your very individual wishes and bathroom ideas play a major role. Experience shows that remodelling a bathroom is no small undertaking, both financially and in terms of time. It is often a considerable financial investment that needs to be well thought out and researched before you start. To be on the safe side, you should therefore always seek professional advice.

Before you start remodelling your bathroom, there are several aspects to consider: Budget, design, furniture, plumbing (e.g. WC & shower) and contractor. It's best to read through our 10 considerations and ideas before you take the first step towards your dream bathroom:

What are the most important aspects of bathroom design?

1. Finances

While you can find out the average cost of remodelling your bathroom, each project is unique. How much you actually spend depends on the size of the room, the scope of the project and the quality of the materials used. Before you start your bathroom renovation, check how much you can spend and then get a quote from several companies in Germany or in your area. Set realistic expectations.

The price of bathroom renovations depends on what you want to replace and what accessories you want to include. If you want to get by on a small budget, you should eliminate any extras from your renovation plan. Luxury items are nice and enhance the room, but they are not essential for the functionality of the room.

2. Non-slip floor

The bathroom is a wet room. When choosing flooring for your bathroom renovation, it is advisable to choose a non-slip material so that you, your partner or your family do not fall when you step out of the shower. Small tiles and wide grout lines in the shower create friction which makes slipping more difficult. There are many beautiful and inexpensive floor coverings to match any interior style.

3. Cupboards

Storage space in the bathroom is important to keep storage areas free and clean. Invest in high-quality cabinets that won't warp in the humid environment of the bathroom and don't need too much maintenance. These drawers and cupboards are not just there for decoration, but are used every day. Therefore, high-quality materials and workmanship are very important to prolong the life of the furniture in the bathroom.

4. Surfaces in the bathroom

An easy-to-clean option for bathroom design is granite. Although you may have to spend a little more on this material, it is an easy way to add an accent and enhance any bathroom. Not only is granite easy to clean, but the investment is less costly than kitchen worktops, as bathroom surfaces tend to be smaller.

5. Colour vs. tile

Depending on your bathroom renovation budget, you can either tile the walls or opt for a new coat of paint for a clean look. If you want to save money, opt for tiling a specific area, such as the back wall of a sink or the shower walls. If you don't have room in your budget for tiles, invest in a high-quality paint job on the walls that will keep out moisture and prevent mould.

Keramik-Fliese wird an die Wand geklebt

6. Lighting

When choosing lighting for your new bathroom, opt for colour-corrected fluorescent tubes, LED spots or halogen for a more natural white light. This softer lighting makes personal hygiene and make-up application easier, as this is best done in natural light! Combine your lighting with task, ambient, accent and decorative lights to enhance your bathroom and avoid unsightly shadows.

More tips and ideas: Just before bed, feel free to use a dimmer and for your dream bathroom, be sure to set up some candles too!

7. Apothecary cupboard

A so-called apothecary cabinet can create hidden storage space and provides a clean and simple appearance in the bathroom. However, if the plumbing runs in the wall behind the vanity, you cannot use this space for a medicine cabinet. If you absolutely want to have a medicine cabinet in your dream bathroom, you should determine in advance during the planning stage how you can re-route the pipes in this area.

8. Shower floor

Be sure to have this done by a bathing expert, because if your shower floor is not installed by a professional, the slope can go in the wrong direction and cause drainage problems. This is because water can then collect in the shower, creating a potential slip hazard and an ideal environment for mould.

Frisch saniertes Badezimmer wird zum ersten mal von einer Frau benutzt.

9. Plumbing works

Depending on the type of sink and vanity unit you choose for your new bathroom, this may affect all your plumbing fixtures. If you are installing a new vanity unit, you should re-route the pipes to the sink. When remodelling your bathroom, pipes that extend too far into the base of the sink can quickly spell doom. When renovating the bathroom, include the existing pipes or re-route them.

10. References

Before you hire craftsmen or other experts to plan and remodel your bathroom, do your research. Get references from friends who have already remodelled a bathroom. The website of the respective company can also be a good starting point. However, always look for unbiased feedback and real reviews from people who have already worked with the contractor - and possibly even rule out overly favourable offers for your new bathroom.

How do I start renovating my bathroom?

Before embarking on a project, you should set your expectations in terms of the amount you are willing to invest. The size of your bathroom, the quality of the materials you want to use and whether you want to do some of the work yourself can have a significant impact on the cost of a bathroom renovation.

If you ask a bathroom expert what his or her best and most tried-and-tested tips for a new bathroom are, you will probably hear the following:

The toilet should not be the first thing that catches your eye after opening the door of the bathroom.

The reason for this is simple. Often the bathroom door is open, which means that you or any guest who comes near the bathroom can see the toilet - and that is really not an aesthetically pleasing sight. If you want to create a wellness atmosphere, the toilet as a central point can destroy the mood when you enter the room.

Use all the materials that are already available to you.

The goal of your bathroom renovation might be a fresh, new look, but some things are easier to replace than others. In older homes, the wall tiles may be several layers of concrete and perhaps a wire mesh panel. The difficulty of removing these can make labour costs skyrocket. Instead, keep the old tiles and invest your time and money elsewhere. Besides, old finishes can be a cool thing to have and can be super compatible with current bathroom trends!

Find out about the standard dimensions of a bathroom.

Knowing some important measurements, such as the size of a typical bathtub or shower and how much space is needed for a toilet, will help you plan your bathroom renovation more efficiently.

Plan the right height for your washbasin.

Washbasins are normally about 80 cm above the floor. However, you must take into account how your washbasin raises or lowers the height of the surface. If you have a vessel sink above the vanity top, you should lower the height of the top for safety so that you can wash your hands or brush your teeth comfortably. Other tips: If the bathroom is used by the whole family, the height of all shelves and, for example, the entrance to the shower should be very well considered.

Invest in a few high-quality materials.

A little expert secret: since bathrooms are usually smaller spaces, it can be a good investment to use a few higher-end materials and finishes that will make the whole room feel incredibly luxurious and like a spa bathroom. So before you outfit your bathroom with only the most basic and inexpensive materials, consider which materials are on the higher end of the spectrum for wall and floor coverings, countertops and more. You may find that you can use one or more of these materials for a small part of your bathroom without breaking your bathroom renovation budget.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

The cost of a bathroom renovation is typically between €3,000 and €10,000. The typical homeowner will spend between €1,000 and €6,000 for a complete demolition and replacement of all walls, fittings and appliances.

Labour costs range from 40% to 65% of the total project. The range depends on your location. While material prices often do not change much from place to place, higher living costs also mean higher wages.

Determining your bathroom renovation budget can be difficult.

Consider the following:

  • The size of the room

With a room size of less than 3 m², typical for a guest WC, the room offers just enough space for a WC and a washbasin. A room size between 5 m² and 12 m² allows for more extensive fittings with a shower or, if necessary, a bathtub.

  • Regional price differences

Expect to pay up to 20% more if you live in an area with high property prices.

  • The quality of materials

Custom-made tiles can easily cost over €2,000.

  • Change of floor plan

Increasing the size of your bath, e.g. converting a half bath into a full bath, will cost you a relatively high additional amount.

  • The type of furnishings, equipment and surfaces

Create a plan that takes both design and budget into account before deciding what all you want to buy for the bathroom renovation.

By the way: A guest bathroom or a guest WC can cost less than € 1,000 if you don't count the craftsmen's costs.

6 bathroom design ideas to inspire youur next renovation

We have put together some great inspiration and bathroom ideas for you, so that you can find the renovation solution for your bathroom that suits you individually:

1. Wellness bath

The ideal counterbalance to hectic everyday life? A naturally designed bathroom with real wellness factor. This is particularly successful when walls and floors are not tiled, but plastered over the entire surface. The soft and pleasant-to-the-touch plaster is applied several times, is ideal for damp rooms and can even be coloured.

More bathroom ideas: The combination of natural and pastel shades in furniture and accessories rounds off the picture harmoniously.

Idee für eine Badsanierung: Wellness Oase

2. Bath in black and white

The choice of materials is very important to ensure that a bathroom decorated entirely in shades of black and white does not appear cold and distant, but lively. A natural wood grain on the cabinet front, for example, provides a good balance. Details and decoration (in the shower, the bathtub or even on the ceiling) are crucial in bathroom renovation and create more atmosphere in a bathroom full of "non-colours".

Idee für Badsanierung: Schwarz-weißes Badezimmer

3. Marble bath

Marble is still very much in vogue and has always been considered an exclusive, high-quality living and building material. If the marble tiles are then also used in large format, they are guaranteed to provide a luxurious upgrade in any bathroom and a great feeling of space.

Idee für Badsanierung: weiße Marmorwände

4. Wood in the bath

Wood makes the entire bathroom feel warm and cosy. Our ideas: In principle, you can use wood everywhere in the bathroom - except in the shower. Woods such as pine, oak, larch or walnut, which do not swell but release the absorbed moisture, are best suited for renovation.

Idee für eine Badsanierung: Waschbeckenschrank aus Holz

5. Bath with matt surfaces

Matt fittings and installations look classy and set a special accent in the bathroom. This is even more true if you opt for black fittings when renovating your bathroom. Additional tips: Black fittings are prone to toothpaste stains and visible limescale deposits - it is best to always dry them quickly after use.


6. Shower toilet

Looking for more inspiration? Shower toilets, a combination of toilet and bidet, are slowly making their way into our bathrooms. Cleaning with water, by the way, is more hygienic than with paper and you feel like you've just had a fresh shower afterwards. Luxury models can offer everything from heated seats, water jet variations and hair dryers to odour extraction and night lighting via remote control or app.

Kleines Gäste-WC

How do I turn my bathroom furnishings into an oasis of well-being?

With a few wellness elements, you can transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation. If you are planning a bathroom renovation or a new bathroom, you can even increase the value of your entire property with a little work on this space.

The aim of the bathroom ideas in this guide is to give you great inspiration, ideas and tips for bathrooms that make you feel your very best. With a little creativity and our suggestions, your bathroom is therefore guaranteed to quickly become your new favourite place:

  • Fluffy towels

Dispose of the old, discoloured towels that are streaked with threads! Take them to a shelter where they will still find a good use. For your personal wellness bath, choose especially soft white towels without too many frills or embroidery.

  • Heated floor

If you want to completely renovate your bathroom, you should reserve part of your budget for underfloor heating - for a radiator with natural gas. This is cheaper than you might think at first and offers unparalleled comfort in the bathroom!

  • Multifunctional shower

Replace your current overhead shower with a massage shower with different jet types. If you have a minor bathroom renovation planned, why not opt for a rain shower that produces a gentle stream of water?

Even more bathroom ideas: For a Scandinavian-style experience, take a hot bath for 10 to 15 minutes and then take a cold shower.

ideale Duscharmatur für Badsanierung
  • Greening

Organic accents are essential to create your very own bathroom oasis. Place a small green plant such as aloe or bamboo on a windowsill or tray table. Don't have a green thumb? Cheat and buy an artificial plant. We won't tell anyone. Promise.

  • Essential oil diffuser

Creating a feel-good atmosphere also means pampering all your senses. Buy an essential oil diffuser and fill the bathroom with a scent that suits your mood, the season and the time of day. Try lavender, eucalyptus and tangerine oils, which have both relaxing and invigorating properties.

  • A touch of wood

Use the warmth of wood to give your bathroom a natural and aesthetically pleasing look. Some examples are modular wooden tiles in the shower, a teak bath shelf, a wooden mirror frame or even branches or logs that you can reuse.

Hübsche Frau freut sich über ihr neues Badezimmer nach ihrer Badsanierung

FAQ about bathroom renovation

What can you use instead of tiles in the bathroom?

  • Acrylic sheets
  • PVC cladding
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Colour

What are inexpensive ideas for bathroom renovation?

  • Unchanged floor plan
  • Carry out the work yourself
  • Reusing existing elements
  • Use colour creatively
  • Use cheaper materials

What are the trends for a small bathroom?

  • Keep your colours bright and radiant
  • Mirror a wall
  • Remove your shower door completely
  • Light the mirror from behind
  • Install tiles

In addition to the design aspects, the functionality of the bathroom should not be neglected. That is why we recommend preventive measures for healthy humidity - our DUSCHKRAFT Home combines design with functionality.