6 modern bathroom ideas for a real wellness oasis

Throughout the centuries, the bathroom has always played an important role in people's lives. The bathroom has always been the place where people beautify their appearance, take care of their personal hygiene and relax. The first records date back to 3000 BC from ancient Hindu civilisations. But there is also evidence of the use and great importance of baths in Egyptian culture. The Greeks regarded baths as a fulfilment of physical activity, while in Roman times the wealthiest people spent a lot of time in public baths to socialise and conduct commercial transactions.

Idee für ein modernes Badezimmer: Hell und minimalistisch

Even today, the bathroom is an indispensable place for relaxation and self-care. The modern bathroom is increasingly becoming a place of well-being and tranquillity, where every accessory is becoming more and more comfortable and functional. Today, the bathroom is a living space and must therefore harmonise with the other furnishing elements of your home. The concept of the smart home is now making its way into this room: automatic cleaning functions, voice control on demand, smart mirrors and a shower that knows your water temperature and your favourite playlist.

We now provide you with some ideas on how to optimise and decorate this important room in your home entirely to your liking and show you what the new trends in the bathroom are (e.g. bathroom furniture, wall colour, tiles, shower, double washbasin and articles for optimal use of space).

What is a modern bathroom?

A modern bathroom design can be defined by its appearance alone: Straight, clean lines as a theme, uncluttered work surfaces and geometric shapes full of clarity dominate bathroom spaces and bathroom furniture. In addition to the look and feel of sleek, cool lines and simple colour palettes with neutral tones, modern design elements often go hand in hand with organisation. A well-organised space with minimal décor and clever storage solutions is sure to let you fulfil all bathroom habits beautifully.

moderne Badezimmer mit DUSCHKRAFT Home

Geometry also plays an important role in modern bathroom design. Whether geometric shapes are stacked on top of each other, arranged in a row or randomly distributed, they do not matter to the designer - they can also be used as accent pieces for the design as well as central parts of the overall theme.

The colours of modern bathroom ideas often match those of industrial areas - grey concrete, silver stainless steel, bronze brass, copper wires - all these materials and colours contribute to an exclusive modern bathroom design. These materials also combine well with many modern bathroom fittings and are particularly effective in the shower.

Accenting with bright and bold colours is also a feature often used in bathrooms with a modern theme or style. While the greys and browns of modern design reflect the industrial overtones of the theme, bold and bright splashes of red, green, yellow and blue are always welcome in bathroom design. When using colours that contrast with the neutral tones of a bright colour, make sure they are placed correctly on the colour wheel. If this is not the case, it could result in a poor colour combination that overemphasises the strong colour instead of providing a nice accent.

What belongs in a modern bathroom? - 6 bathroom ideas

A modern bathroom design is elegant, sleek and minimalist and offers extreme comfort. Whether your bathroom is large or small, modern bathroom design can transform it into a luxurious retreat. Since you use your bathroom every day, it should match your personal style. If you're a fan of sleek, uncluttered spaces and sophisticated design, a modern bathroom may be just what you're looking for. Some of the key elements of this style are:

  • Freestanding bathtub (with integrated shower)
  • Minimalist mirrors without frames and indirect lighting
  • Simple taps and fittings in the shower
  • Floating washbasin and toilet above the floor
  • Geometric tile shapes for a touch of luxury
  • Neutral colour scheme that provides calm and clarity


Take a look at our ideas and tips to transform your bathroom into a beautiful oasis that invites you to dream and is completely in keeping with your personal style:

How can I design my bathroom?

The design of a modern bathroom is the be-all and end-all. Especially with elements such as the shower, furniture, washbasin or bathtub, you can play wonderfully and set great accents with luxurious materials. When designing your bathroom, you are very welcome to use our guide and the pictures as inspiration and fulfil all your wishes in terms of a modern lifestyle and your personal designer dream bathroom.

1. Freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is a key element for a modern luxury bathroom. So if you have space, you should plan for this iconic element. With its contemporary, artistic design, a freestanding bathtub creates a strong focal point in the room. Modern tubs can be oval, rectangular or even designed for corner placement. The most important design elements to look for are clean lines and flat, smooth edges. The bathtub fittings should be simple and without frills.

Idee für moderne Bäder: Dachbadezimmer mit eleganter freistehender Badewanne

2. Minimalist mirrors and lighting

Mirrors and lighting in the bathroom must be well coordinated to create a functional solution for performing activities in the bathroom, such as shaving or applying make-up at the sink. For a modern bathroom, clean lines and geometric shapes are important for both mirrors and lighting.

For your vanity mirror, opt for a frameless model with integrated lighting. A backlit mirror is a good choice as it avoids shadows around your face. This choice is also space-saving as you don't need additional lighting around the mirror. The best modern shape of mirror for a chic bathroom is a rectangle with straight or rounded edges.

For a modern bathroom, a long and narrow bar light with clean lines is also a popular choice. It can be placed horizontally above the mirror or vertically on both sides.

Idee für ein modernes Bad: Schönes Interieur in hellen Farben

Ceiling lights can also be found in most modern bathrooms. They provide atmospheric lighting throughout the room and can also be used for specific areas. For example, you can install recessed lights above the toilet or in the shower. Consider lining the edge of the bathroom ceiling or the floor with these lights as well to illuminate the entire room and create great lighting effects.

When designing and planning your bathroom lighting, don't forget about the natural light in the room. Windows and skylights are great options to add a fresh and functional touch to the modern bathroom.

3. Simple taps and fittings

The rule of thumb for designing a modern bathroom is simplicity. Avoid the temptation to use overly complicated fittings and instead opt for minimalist fittings that fit in with the overall theme of your bathroom.

By the way, you can definitely combine different finishes and styles in your modern bathroom. All the fittings and elements in your bathroom don't necessarily have to match. But they should be compatible. For example, you cannot choose a very modern and linear washbasin tap and combine it with traditional shower handles. Decide on a style and make sure that all bathroom fittings and bathroom furniture are in that style. If you don't feel confident putting them together yourself, choose a product line from a single manufacturer who will do the combining for you. They will also be happy to provide advice and service.

Idee für ein modernes Bad: Schlichter Wasserhahn

As for the material of the fittings, chrome is one of the hottest finishes because of its versatility. Chrome fittings combine well with the simple, neutral colour palette in a modern bathroom. Chrome is also usually the least expensive finish and is very easy to clean and maintain. Other common colours for modern bathrooms are matt black or even gold.

4. Floating washbasin and toilet

Floating washbasins with their clean, minimal look transform a bathroom into a modern oasis in no time. Wall-mounted washbasins give the impression of more space and create a chic, modern style.

Opt for a floating washbasin with useful features such as cabinets and shelves. With enough storage space in the washbasin, you can free up wall and floor space so that even the smallest bathroom looks large and luxurious after the bathroom design.

Idee für modernes Badezimmer: DUSCHKRAFT Home und schwebenes Waschbecken


As for materials, light or dark wood tones are popular, as is a glossy white finish on the furniture. Choose a clean marble or quartz countertop with minimal grouting.

Wall-mounted toilets are another element of the modern bathroom. Floating toilets work well in spacious or compact bathrooms to keep the décor sleek and uncluttered. Without the cistern on top and the footprint of the bath, they convey a sense of lightness and space.

Tip: Opt for a modern shower toilet that meets all your bathroom toilet comfort needs.

5. Geometric tile shapes

Geometric tile patterns are a great choice for decorating your modern bathroom. Clean lines and interesting shapes add visual potential to the room without excessive ornamentation or flourishes.

Ideen für moderne Bäder: geometrische Fliesen

If you want to add trendy flooring or a designer shower wall to your modern bathroom, hexagonal tiles are very trendy at the moment and help you take your geometric game to the extreme. Other elegant tile patterns and ideas for modern bathroom floors include herringbone or offset tiles. Large-format tiles, incidentally, contribute to a calm atmosphere in the bathroom.

6. Neutral colour scheme

You can't go wrong with the colour white in a modern bathroom. White brings a light, organic feel to the bathroom. Consider adding marble tiles to an all-white bathroom to soften the look while still keeping it luxurious.

A modern bathroom doesn't have to be white and glossy, though. Here are the best colour combinations you can use in your modern bathroom:

  • Neutral brown and beige tones with wood accents

Brown and beige tones are the ultimate for a modern bathroom that is calm and earthy. Brown tones create a stress-free, spa-like atmosphere. Dark chocolate brown looks more dramatic, but when combined with metallic gold accents, your bathroom will look elegant. Medium browns, on the other hand, combine well with lighter tones and can have a calming effect. Soft light brown goes perfectly with neutral backgrounds and accent colours like beige and wood.

Idee für ein modernes Bad: Neutrale Braun- und Beigetöne mit Holzakzenten
  • Grey tones

Grey is a neutral colour with a certain something. The grey colour palette can be mixed with the cool colours of concrete and granite to create a calming atmosphere in the bathroom. By the way, grey can be combined with almost all colours. So you can either mix dark wooden elements to balance out the cool tones or set accents with splashes of colour, e.g. with a patterned shower curtain and light towels that make your bathroom look lively.

dunkelgraues modernes Badezimmer
  • Black and white

Nothing offers more contrast and drama than a colour palette of black and white. A combination of black and white creates a graphic look that is still bold and bright. With the dark and light tones, you are guaranteed to get an atmospheric space that invites you to groom and relax.

  • Dark tones

Contrary to what you might think, dark colours have an unobtrusive effect. Ideas: Painting your bathroom in darker tones makes it look bigger. Opt for darker shades of blue, grey and green and make your small bathroom super modern and a real lifestyle place.

Dream bathrooms - 8 ways to transform your bathroom into a modern wellness oasis

Creating the ultimate modern wellness bathroom is all about key design details that create a luxurious look and choosing 'wellness' materials such as wood, stone, bamboo and marble.

A rain shower, plants, beautiful fragrances and soft, white, fluffy towels are essential. Modern wellness bathrooms are also clutter-free and are suitable for those who prefer a minimalist approach to décor, so storage space, lighting and the colour palette need to be considered in bathroom design.

Tip: Overly bright bathroom ideas with bright colours and eye-catching patterns do not create the relaxing space we want from a wellness bathroom. Therefore, opt for muted tones.

Idee für ein modernes Badezimmer: Modernes Badezimmer mit Holzdekor im öko-Stil

Below we've listed our favourite ideas for modern wellness bathrooms, from marble and wood to gold fittings and elegant walnut shelves. So you can lift your spirits and indulge in a little self-care in no time in your tranquil dream bathroom full of light and wood.

1. A modern bathroom to dream about in the attic

In the attic of the house, where you will be less disturbed if you are lucky, you can easily accommodate your spa-like bathroom. Keep the bathroom's colour scheme muted, use natural light and use the lightest greys and chrome fittings to keep it airy. Glass doors are often the best choice too, as they make a small bathroom look bigger.

Idee für modernes Badezimmer: Dachbodenbadezimmer in hellen Grautönen mit Holzelementen

Spa bathrooms feature high-quality materials with an emphasis on naturalness in both texture and colour palette. Think marble and soft white, greys and neutral colours.

2. Be creative with natural stone

Natural stone can provide a sense of relaxation, which is ideal for a spa-like environment. In some cultures, certain stones are believed to have healing properties, which is why beautiful natural stones are often found in the world's most luxurious spas. Bringing this touch of nature into your home bathroom instantly creates a feeling of wellness luxury.

modernes Bad mit Naturstein-Wänden

3. Choose gold - for the ultimate modern bathroom design

Gold is the epitome of luxury in a wet room, glittering bright and full of decadence. Of course, you can alternatively use brass, which looks just as good. Gold decorations often create a fabulous look and bring warmth to a modern bathroom.

4. Consider a built-in bathtub

The ultimate in many dream bathrooms: a built-in bathtub in the bathroom. A recessed bathtub in a modern bathroom often looks particularly stylish. However, this is not always possible in a standard bathroom.

Tip: You can also mount the bathtub on a tiled wall and enter it via a step.

Modernes Bad mit Einbauwanne

5. Walnut veneers for the panelling of the shelves

Another important material is walnut. There is nothing quite like its depth of colour and grain, and of course walnut veneers or frames are perfectly acceptable if the investment in real walnut is too high. Add some glass shelves and you are well on your way to creating an elegant, modern space to relax in.

Modernes Bad mit Nussbaumfurniere für die Verkleidung der Regale

6. Monochrome for a dramatic look

Not all wellness bathrooms are neutral. In modern bathrooms, the main focus should be on the symmetry of the space and with a monochrome colour scheme, which is very calming by nature, you can create an interesting and at the same time relaxing bathroom.

modernes schwarz-weißes Badezimmer

7. Add texture to an all-white scheme.

White textures give the bathroom a stunning look as the textures change depending on the angle you look at them, but still work together harmoniously. Different scales are a great design detail for all interiors and you can see how well it works in this white modern bathroom.

modernes weißes Badezimmer

8. Choose wood for the bathroom furnishings

Wood in bathrooms is charming, full of character and pleasing to the eye, but of course not entirely practical in some cases. This is where porcelain copies come into play. The result in this case is a fabulous Scandinavian-style spa bathroom that is both cool and stylish and modern.

Modernes Badezimmer mit Panorama Fenster

FAQ Modern Baths

How can I make my bathroom beautiful and modern?

  • Put geometric mirrors on the bathroom wall.
  • Place small white flower pots and accessories on shelves to create an organic atmosphere.
  • Hang modern prints.
  • Set the scene with tiles, concrete and wooden elements.
  • Refrain from splashes of colour and opt for white and grey towels.

Which tiles in the modern bathroom?

  • Natural stone tiles
  • Glass or mosaic tiles
  • Glazed porcelain tiles
  • Grey tiles

What are bathroom ideas for a modern design?

The focus in the design of a modern bathroom is on the architecture and structure of the main elements, which means that the colour palette tends towards clear, clean white, subtle neutrals and black. Splashes of colour show up in the form of accessories such as bath towels and plants and provide small highlights.

In addition to its ingenious function, our DUSCHKRAFT Home is perfectly suited to modern bathrooms in terms of design!