Wohnbau Weilheim GmbH relies on DUSCHKRAFT

„Mould growth is on the rise, so innovations to prevent mould - like DUSCHKRAFT - are very beneficial.“

Wolfgang Denke | Head of Technology, Wohnbau Weilheim i.OB

Wohnbau Weilheim in Oberbayern setzt auf Duschkraft

Who is Wohnbau Weilheim GmbH?

For over 70 years, Wohnbau GmbH Weilheim i.OB has been committed to providing secure and socially responsible housing for broad sections of the population. As a sustainable company, the company constantly strives for the ongoing improvement of living space and service quality. In December, the company tested the first products of the company Duschkraft - the dehumidifier for the bathroom. The first tests showed positive results, whereupon the company reordered further devices already 4 months later.

Test result

No mould in the bathroom, no fogged-up mirrors after showering and still save energy - all this is possible with the DUSCHKRAFT Home. Wohnbau GmbH Weilheim i.OB now also relies on Duschkraft and has numerous devices in operation by now. „We hope to reduce mould remediation in the bathrooms by 10 per cent.“, says Wolfgang Denke, Head of Technology Wohnbau Weilheim. „In addition, we have noticed an improvement in the indoor air. Therefore, we immediately reordered more units after the test phase“.

For this you need a dehumidifier for the shower

Mould in the bathroom is always a problem. "Mould is often caused by incorrect ventilation," says Stefan Goletzke, Managing Director of Duschkraft GmbH. "Actually, after every shower, the room should be aired for ten minutes, then it has to warm up again and then it is aired again for ten minutes. Hardly anyone has that much time, which is why there is health-threatening mould in so many bathrooms. Our DUSCHKRAFT relieves tenants of the burden of airing and can avoid expensive disputes." Wohnbau Weilheim is also familiar with the problem of mould in its apartment buildings. „Mould formation is increasing more and more, so innovations to prevent mould - like DUSCHKRAFT - are very beneficial,“, Wolfgang Denke knows. Wohnbau Weilheim is particularly convinced by the uncomplicated and quick installation: „The system is simple and works“.


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