Mould growth in the bathroom!

What are the causes of mould?

Größte Feuchtigkeitsquelle in der Wohnung ist die Dusche.

For health-endangering growth, mould spores need a relative humidity of permanently more than 80% and a breeding ground (joints, wallpaper, mineral surfaces).

A bathroom offers the perfect conditions for the formation of health-endangering mould. For example, every hot shower produces about 400 - 600 ml of warm water vapour, which condenses out on cold mirrors, joints or walls.

Since the humidity capacity of the air depends on the temperature, condensation can occur on colder surfaces even in warm bathrooms with low relative humidity.

Until now, it was only possible to remove moisture from the bathroom after showering by intensive ventilation or with the help of optimally dimensioned and maintained extractor fans.




What are the consequences of mould in the bathroom?


Schimmel im Badezimmer, was kann ich tun?

Microbial contamination indoors by mould is a frequent cause for the development of allergies or other chronic diseases of the respiratory tract. It is not only visually that mould can become a problem for people. Asthma and an allergy to mould are some of the many illnesses that can develop with long-term contact.

These are triggered by the toxins produced by the organisms to protect them from enemies and competitors in their natural environment. They enter the indoor air via spores or other cell parts and, due to their small size of 1.5 - 40 μm, can penetrate deep into the bronchi, i.e. the airways of the lungs.

If the body is permanently burdened by the so-called mycotoxins (toxins of moulds), they can cause great damage there. The first symptoms of an irritation of the body by mould spores can be:

  • Persistent headaches
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Burning eyes
  • Rhinitis
  • Cough


Schimmel entsteht in der Dusche. Kein Fenster im Badezimmer.



What problems does mould cause in the bathroom and what does mould removal cost?

Reinigungsmittel gegen Schimmel funktioniert nicht. Welche Alternative kann ich verwenden?

Mould spores can penetrate up to 0.5 cm deep into the masonry under optimal growth conditions. Simple treatments with chlorine-containing mould removers only push the mould back on the surface, but can never permanently remove the mould spores. Therefore, the health-endangering mould will spread again after a short time.

Even professional mould removal, which quickly costs more than 1,500 euros, cannot provide permanent protection against mould. As long as the causes of mould growth are not tackled, it will always grow again. Only a sustainable reduction of indoor humidity forms the basis for a permanently mould-free bathroom.

Classic dehumidifiers often use toxic coolants and consume enormous amounts of precious energy. At the same time, they do not have enough power to directly dehumidify the moisture peaks during showering. Extractor fans often transport the warm room air out of the room unused and lose their effectiveness very quickly due to dust.


Bei Schimmelbefall kann es auch zu vollständigen Sanierungen kommen.


How can mould be permanently prevented in the shower?


The most effective way to permanently prevent mould in the shower is regular ventilation. After every shower, you should air the entire bathroom 2-3 times for about 10 minutes.

If this is too much work for you, we have developed the DUSCHKRAFT Home, the first fully automatic dehumidifier for the bathroom.

As soon as you start your shower, the DUSCHKRAFT Home starts dehumidifying the air by itself and immediately reduces the humidity. This means you have to ventilate much less and are also less likely to be faced with misted-up mirrors.

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Badezimmer ohne Schimmel