Frequently asked questions

No. In fact, the air cools down to about 10-13°C during dehumidification in the DUSCHKRAFT Home. The air is then reheated to about 22°C and then flows out in the upper area of the unit.

This ensures that you do not get a cold draught.

Whether your mirror still fogs up after showering depends on many external circumstances. These are the position of the mirror in relation to the shower, the temperature of the room before the shower, the shower temperature itself, the duration of the shower, whether your shower cubicle is closed off by a door, etc.

The DUSCHKRAFT Home dehumidifies up to 65% of the steam produced during showering. This generally succeeds in keeping the humidity of the room permanently below 80% and thus effectively protects against mould.

However, the remaining moisture can settle on the mirror in small bathrooms where the mirror is close to the shower.

The DUSCHKRAFT Home was developed in Rostock, a region with the highest water hardness in Germany. That's why we attached great importance to limescale resistance right from the start of development. Since all water-bearing components are made of stainless steel, limescale cannot attack the pipes. Due to a reduction in the water pipe diameter, the flow speed of the water is also increased, which means that less limescale can build up in the water pipes of the DUSCHKRAFT Home than in the previous water pipes.

Yes and no. The DUSCHKRAFT Home relies on running cold water for dehumidification. If you take a shower in the bathtub, the DUSCHKRAFT Home will dehumidify the air. If you take a bath, the air is not dehumidified.

In the case of a complete renovation, the easiest way is to lay the power cable directly under the tiles. 

If you want to retrofit the DUSCHKRAFT Home into your existing bathroom, the power supply can usually be provided via a socket in the mirror cabinet or washbasin. The power supply unit can then disappear into the mirror cabinet. A cable is laid in a joint or surface-mounted for the last few metres to the shower.

Alternatively, the power can be laid through the wall from an adjacent room or the ceiling. For further installation suggestions, simply look at the instructions.

The innovative DUSCHKRAFT Home is available from 1,249 euros and can be ordered directly from our website.

Alternatively, you can also place your order with us by e-mail or telephone.

The DUSCHKRAFT Home switches on about 10-20 seconds after the shower starts and runs at full load during the shower.

Then the fan produces a noise of 50-55dB.

An average shower head makes a noise of about 55-60dB during the shower.

Most of our customers tell us that they notice the DUSCHKRAFT Home during the first few showers, but that the noise fades into the background after 2-3 showers and is not perceived as annoying at all.

After the shower is finished, the unit goes into an after-run and the fan runs in silent mode for 20-40 minutes. The noise level is around 20-30dB. This corresponds to a conventional extractor fan and is also not perceived as annoying.

Our DUSCHKRAFT Home uses a harmless low voltage of 36V and is completely waterproof. No water can get into the electrical components and you can hold the shower jet onto the unit for cleaning from any angle without hesitation.

The scope of delivery of the DUSCHKRAFT Home already includes everything you need for installation.

The power supply unit as well as all the fastening material and necessary sealing material.

The DUSCHKRAFT Home has an intelligent after-run function that dries the inside in a targeted manner. For example, the unit runs in silent mode for approx. 20 minutes after the shower so that no germs can form inside the unit.

To prevent mould from forming on the wall behind the DUSCHKRAFT Home, the unit has a high-tech insulation material that protects the back of the unit and the wall below.

As with any ventilation unit, the air-conducting parts should be cleaned regularly.

The air inlet has a washable permanent filter that should be removed once a month and rinsed directly under the shower. 

In addition, the unit can be opened with 4 screws. This exposes the heat exchanger, which can also be rinsed out directly under the shower with the hand shower if it becomes dirty.

On we have created a video for you in which the cleaning of the device is cleaned with our DUSCHKRAFT Hygiene+ cleaning foam.

The DUSCHKRAFT Home can be installed by any plumber of your choice.

At you will find detailed installation videos with different installation variants.

In addition, we have compiled detailed installation instructions for you. You can download these here:

The best thing to do is to use our contact form or call us: 0381 865 1415 0.