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Interesting facts about Duschkraft and fittings

The innovative dehumidifier from Duschkraft increases the comfort after showering in every bathroom - whether in the private or commercial sector. The system can be easily retrofitted anywhere to protect bathrooms from mould and incidentally save on ancillary costs. But which fittings is the DUSCHKRAFT shower dehumidifier suitable for and what integration options are there in the bathroom?

With which fittings is Duschkraft compatible?

The shower dehumidifier is compatible with almost all commercially available surface-mounted fittings.

Regardless of whether there is already a fitting in your bathroom or whether you want to buy a new fitting: It makes no difference to the DUSCHKRAFT.

When design makes sense.

Our recommendation: Fittings from DAMIXA

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what counts.

Leave the temperature setting to your thermostat

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It is best to use a thermostat.

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Hand shower or rain shower?
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You enjoy your shower and the DUSCHKRAFT takes care of the steam.

Which shower head is the right one?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to showerheads. While one person likes to use a flexible shower head that can also be used as a hand shower, another loves the pattering feeling of a rain shower on his skin. When it comes to using DUSCHKRAFT, there are no restrictions when it comes to choosing a shower head.

Keep it simple

The classic hand shower

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The full enjoyment

Rain shower with hand shower

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The ultimate combination

Combination of thermostat, rain shower head and hand shower

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Do you still have questions about fittings and their compatibility with the DUSCHKRAFT shower dehumidifier? Then we will be happy to help you.