DUSCHKRAFT - The shower dehumidifier: Mould solution for holiday homes

Landlords of holiday flats often have to struggle particularly hard with mould problems. There are several reasons for this. Due to the high occupancy of the properties, there is often hardly any time for airing between arrival and departure. During the holiday, most guests are more likely to be thinking about the beach or hiking and quickly forget to air the rooms. In addition, many bathrooms in holiday homes are indoors and the existing ventilators do not have the required ventilation capacity. The DUSCHKRAFT Home offers an immediate, long-term and efficient solution to these problems.

Mould in the bathroom

An acute problem for holiday home landlords

DUSCHKRAFT Home is the solution...

... for mould problems of your holiday flats

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The DUSCHKRAFT Home can be installed by your trusted plumber without any problems. It doesn't matter much whether you are building a new bathroom or retrofitting an existing one.


DUSCHKRAFT Home as an efficient solution for mould problems in the holiday home

Patented and awarded many times

The DUSCHKRAFT Home is patented and the technology has won several top-class awards!