DUSCHKRAFT: More comfort and never again mould!

If you are a builder or homeowner and want to build a new bathroom, the DUSCHKRAFT Home is a must.

The DUSCHKRAFT Home is a fully automatic dehumidifier that ensures drier air even while you are showering. In this way, it can help to prevent your mirror from fogging up after showering and permanently protects your bathroom from mould.

The system can be installed in new buildings, as well as easily retrofitted in existing bathrooms. It extracts the steam produced while you are still showering, so that the rooms cannot become damp in the first place.

More comfort

So that your mirrors are no longer so fogged up after showering.

Permanent protection

So that your bathroom always remains an oasis of well-being.

How can the DUSCHKRAFT Home prevent mould in my bathroom?

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Average customer satisfaction: 4.8 out of 5 stars.

All advantages of the DUSCHKRAFT Home shower dehumidifier at a glance

For new build and renovation

Perfect for your situation

The DUSCHKRAFT Home can be installed by your trusted plumber without any problems. It doesn't matter much whether you are building a new bathroom or retrofitting an existing one.


The best mould solution for your own home

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For the shower of your choice

Compatible with any surface-mounted fitting

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Patented and awarded many times

The DUSCHKRAFT Home is patented and the technology has won several top-class awards!