Mould solutions in rented flats

If the tenant complains about mould in the bathroom, you as the landlord must react quickly.

On the one hand, the mould must be removed, but on the other hand, the cause must be found. This is often due to incorrect ventilation behaviour, because the moist air after showering provides the best breeding ground for spores in the bathroom.

With our DUSCHKRAFT shower dehumidifier, we offer an automatic and immediately effective solution to this problem.

Mould in the bathroom is often a problem for the landlord

Why does mould develop so often in the bathroom?

Who pays for mould in the rented flat?

The solution:

The fully automatic dehumidifier.

DUSCHKRAFT is the solution for mould in rented flats

Save on administration and renovation costs

Savings calculator

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And the best?

The DUSCHKRAFT Home can be easily retrofitted by your own specialist installer, even in problem flats that have already been rented out, without any major effort.

Our customers

In the meantime, numerous housing associations and private landlords rely on the technology of the DUSCHKRAFT Home. Here you can see a selection of these innovation leaders:

All the advantages of DUSCHKRAFT for landlords at a glance

* User-independent air dehumidification, no matter how often and for how long the tenant showers

* Permanent protection of the building fabric

* Protection against rent reductions

* Combating the cause of mould

* Average savings of approx. 2,586 euros in management and renovation costs per problem flat

* Simple retrofitting by your professional installer

* Increased comfort for the tenant, upgrading of the flat

* Energy savings thanks to less ventilation and energy recovery

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