The perfect bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation

Save yourself mould in your new bathroom.


Where does mould come from in the bathroom?

Small bathrooms

Proper ventilation: a daily challenge


How dangerous is mould in the bathroom?

What to do about mould in the bathroom?

Anyone who notices mould in the bathroom first tries to eliminate the problem superficially. Sharp cleaners first remove the mould from the tile joints, but do not solve the cause of the mould growth. In addition, these cleaners are also harmful to health and, above all, toxic to the environment.


Open window & ventilate regularly

Ventilation system

Exhaust air systems


DUSCHKRAFT Home: the sustainable solution for bathroom renovation

Our DUSCHKRAFT Home shower dehumidifier considerably reduces the amount of ventilation needed in the bathroom. It extracts the moist air directly from the shower cubicle so that it cannot spread in the room in the first place.

Automatic & Effective

The shower dehumidifier starts automatically as soon as the shower is switched on. It runs as quiet as a whisper and does not produce any unpleasant noise. You save the time you would otherwise spend ventilating and don't need to freeze again in winter as soon as you get out of the shower.

For more comfort in the bathroom

By dehumidifying the air, the mirrors and windows can no longer mist up. You can directly continue with your morning routine without having to clean the mirrors first.

Environmentally friendly & retrofittable

Due to the reduced ventilation effort, you save energy and because the unit has a heat recovery system, you automatically save costs.

Particularly in problematic bathrooms and especially in old buildings, DUSCHKRAFT solves the ventilation problem with a simple retrofit solution.

Barrier free bathroom

Barrier free renovation with DUSCHKRAFT

Bathroom planning

Bathroom planning with DUSCHKRAFT Home

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